PET-CT Brain

PET CT Brain in Chandigarh 
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PET-CT - Brain

The Key PET-CT System Performance Requirements For FDG Brain Imaging Are:
- Ability to perform high resolution brain studies in a short study time
- Ability to quantify the results

PET-CT Provides A Comfortable, Patient-Friendly Imaging System. The Main Differentiating Features Are:

- Ours is the First Time of Flight PET-CT in Chandigarh in private
- Open view gantry design(Bore Size-70cm) for easy access to patients and patient comfort
- Fast LSO (Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate) scintillator with time of flight ready system.
- 3D Acquisition mode with 3D-OSEM reconstruction system.
- 45% overlapping of the bed positions which is more beneficial to cover entire axial extent of the patient.
- Very good spatial resolution and small voxel size for imaging details
- Very good system sensitivity for fast scanning
- Specially designed for Obese patients
- Fast and accurate CT attenuation correction
- PET-CT Scan of brain determine, if cancer has spread to brain.